when he's not in trouble,
this guy makes crispy
chicken sandwiches

be sure to recruit
your friends and join
the movement

we'll provide the dressing,
but you'll need to
dress yourself

tender burgers for some
tough customers

we provide the
ingredients, you put
the pieces together

spicy, sweet, and tangy,
the reaper always visits
with crispy wings

hopefully, our soups
can provide some
necessary comfort

creative sandwiches,
made by some
ODD individuals

baked, smashed and
loaded with all the
necessary fix-in's

this staple dish is
recreated with 35 veggies,
beans and spices

Chivato may be a
snitch, but he makes
sick AF tacos

whether in a bowl or
a wrap, we hit the
mark on this for sure

when you just want
a deli sandwich with
no frills or thrills

looks like it's time to
get happy, hungry,
and sleepy